My services

Proofreading is my most basic service. I read your document, and I correct the errors. I check for proper spelling, grammar, word usage, and punctuation.

Proofreading means I correct only the things that are absolutely incorrect. If I see poorly constructed sentences, wordiness, heavy use of clichés, redundancies, or other common bad practices, I’ll ignore them. Or I’ll suggest you look into my copyediting services.

For examples of what I look for when proofreading, click here.

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The Grammar Geek

I charge by the quarter-hour (half-hour minimum), and I work thoroughly and efficiently to give you the best results for the fairest price. If you need to know ahead of time how much your project will cost, I can look at it and give you an estimate.

If you're a new client, I need a 50% down payment before I begin working on your project. After I complete the job, I’ll email you an invoice for the balance. I accept credit cards, cash, checks (from reputable sources), and PayPal.

Copyediting kicks it up a notch. In addition to checking spelling, grammar, word usage, and punctuation, I do a basic “cleanup” on your writing. I tighten sentences by deleting unnecessary words, turning passive voice to active voice, and using several other techniques I’ve picked up during my years in the biz. I don’t just correct blatant errors; I make your writing clearer and more professional sounding.

This generally results in a decrease in word count, which is almost always good. If you're submitting a 5,500-word paper to a journal that has a 5,000-word limit, this is the service for you. If you’re a fourth-grader who needs to write a 100-word essay and you have 75 words, you don’t need my copyediting services. Just try adding “very” several times in a row before each adjective.

For examples of what I look for when copyediting, click here.